Halloween Special: Top 5 Women of Horror

kirsty cotton

by Lola Newman

Top 5 Badass Women of Horror

1) Ellen Ripley – Alien (Ridley Scott, US, 1979), Aliens (Ridley Scott, US, 1986), Alien 3 (Ridley Scott, US, 1992), Alien: Resurrection (Ridley Scott, US, 1997)

If you do not know this woman, it’s time to introduce yourself. As horror films go almost everyone is a victim here, but Ripley ignores that with an indomitable will that’s every bit as fearsome as the aliens devouring her crew. From her first appearance in Alien (1979) to her most recent in Alien Resurrection (1997), we are shown a woman with a steel backbone, common sense and a steadily darkening sense of humour. Ellen Ripley is at the top of this list not only for her innate ability to survive but because of how she manages to do so. This woman refuses to die and shows space who the true boss ass momma-bear is.

2) Mrs Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th  (Sean S. Cunningham, US, 1980)

Another fierce mother figure for the list is Pamela Voorhees, mother of the infamous Jason. This woman is the embodiment of the grief stricken mother, who in her state of loss, happens to murder not only the people responsible for her son’s accident but folk unlucky enough to visit Crystal Lake. This is a woman consumed by grief and the injustice which ended her son’s life. Driven mad (even if a little mad already) this is one woman who surely cannot be reasoned with. How can you reason with someone who has nothing left to lose?

3) Lola – The Loved Ones (Sean Byrne, 2009, Australia)

Madness makes anyone a little unsettling in the world of horror but Lola takes this to a whole new level. Forget the bunny from Fatal Attraction, this girl goes straight for you, no warning in the kitchen pot. Consumed and raised in a realm of obsession this pain princess would seemingly be comfortable crushing her crush if it means getting the attention she wants. This is one young lady who wears her heart on her sleeve and will stop at nothing to get the boy of her dreams. She may be the poster girl for crazy but she does it well.

4) Kirsty Cotton – Hellraiser (Clive Barker, 1987, UK/US), Hellraiser 2 (Tony Randel, 1988, UK/US)

Few people come face to face with hell and get away with it but Miss Cotton has done it and with attitude. This is a woman we watch adapt to the situation without losing her spirit and quite literally her soul. Determined and learning quickly Kirsty manages to cope with not only the loss of her father, a perverted uncle and a creepy step mother, but the master sadists of hell too. Using her mid and an all out ballsy determination Miss Cotton looks into the abyss and gives it the finger.

5) Bloody May – American Mary (Sylvia Soska, Jen Soska, 2012, Canada)

In the steady rise of feminism this woman is one of my personal idols. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and I have yet to see someone embrace revenge with such style and finesse. This is a woman who adapts to her environment, while struggling to reach her goals due to the everyday student problem of being nearly broke. No money? She uses her surgical talents to support herself. Wronged? She uses the same talents to get justice or revenge, however you look at it. Bloody Mary is a survivor, bobbing and weaving like a true contender.


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