Review: The Call

The Call, by The Machinist director, Brad Anderson, brings us the world of the LAPD Emergency Services. Jenna think it’s got a great hook, but is the pay-off worth it?

The LAPD Emergency Services (‘The Hive’) handles hundreds of emergency phone calls every day. The Call shows us the story of a terrifying one.

Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) receives a call from a young girl named Leah Templeton (Evie Thompson) experiencing a burglary. Jordan tells her to hide from the burglar and stay on the line with her, but Jordan suddenly loses contact with her and decides to call back the victim, but the killer answers with the words last : “…It’s already done…” before taking the screaming victim away and cutting the phone line. Months later, Jordan is again presented with a very same situation. This time, Jordan takes charge, more determined than ever to save this poor girl’s life. Are you hooked? Me too.

The film really drives home the reality of life in the emergency services, having to receive thousands of calls every minute from people seeking assistance in situations that are often beyond their control. The opening sequence is a dizzying combination of voices of 911 calls layered with screams and sirens whilst panning across the L.A skyline, giving you a hint of the chaos that’s about to follow.

Halle Berry depicts a strong and determined female character who will do anything to make the world safer. Her portrayal is tough and real. And it’s nice to see a female role such as this.

The only downside to the film was its length. Although the narrative and dialogue of the film was well constructed, there were a few areas which were under-developed in favour of seat gripping tension. Better character development would have added a lot to the story, such as perhaps a proper back story of the antagonist.

The Call is definitely worth a watch. If you are a fan of Halle Berry or Abigail Breslin (also known for her role in Little Miss Sunshine (2006) ), the combination of these two academy award winning actors is not one to miss.

So in December, book in a night with all your friends together and watch it on DVD – it’s an action-thriller that everyone can get stuck into.


Jenna Pollard
The Call is out on DVD on 22 December.

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