60 Seconds Review: Sunshine on Leith

In a rush? We’re back with another quick dose of movie review goodness, in our ‘60 Second Review’ series. This week, find out what Caitlin L thinks of The Proclaimers musical, Sunshine on Leith.

What is there not to love about a bunch of pretty young things dancing around beautiful Scotland singing Proclaimers songs?

Okay, so occasionally, as with all modern musicals the random breaking into song in a crowded street is a little jarring and a teeny bit cheesy and probably better at home in the stage version, but more importantly the plot was engaging, the characters were likeable and the covers of the songs were pretty decent. Good performances were made by all actors and some of the lingering wide shots of the Scottish countryside were breathtaking, and even the most cold-hearted anti-musical campaigner would have felt touched by the honesty of the relationships that were portrayed.

I wouldn’t walk 500 miles to see it, don’t expect something radically life altering, but if what you want is a relaxed but heartfelt treat for the eyes and ears then give Sunshine On Leith a go, you’ll be sad when it’s Over and Done With…


Caitlin Lupton

Sunshine on Leith is out now.


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