60 Second Review: About Time

In a rush? We’re back with another quick dose of movie review goodness, in our ‘60 Second Review’ series. This week, find out what Freyja thinks of About Time.

Richard Curtis returns to the big screen with the story of Tim, who finds out at the age of 21 that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. And what else would you use that secret power for other than to get a girlfriend?

About Time is your typical Richard Curtis romance. Foppish British men, kooky female side character, gorgeous yet slightly fallible American, sentimental romance, heart-warming, heart-breaking and a good time had all round. Love, of course, takes centre stage.

About Time is not your typical Richard Curtis romance. Because it’s not about romance. The central relationship is not Domhnall Gleeson’s Tim (with the most Hugh Grant-style voice since, well, Hugh Grant) and Rachel (Contractually Obliged to be in All Time Wimey Relationship Movies) McAdams’s Mary but, in fact, is that between Tim and his father, brilliant portrayed by Bill Nighy. Love takes centre stage alright, but romantic love takes a back seat.

There are plot holes, time paradoxes and awkward moments for sure, but there are laughs, a tear or two if you’re that way inclined and the chance to walk out of the cinema with a lovely warm glow and a smile on your face.

Curtis may believe that love actually is all around, here he obviously believes that life actually is worth living. See this film. You’ll be glad you did.


Freyja Gillard

About Time is out now.


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