20FF out and about

20FF is spreading its wings. Not only can you find us here at 20fourframes.co.uk, on Facebook and on Twitter, but you can also now see us in print and in person. That’s right! We’re getting out there in the Real World.

Oh My Daze

image (3)

Firstly, we’ve teamed up with the UELSU newspaper, Oh My Daze, and will be bringing you the best of the 20FF website in their monthly printed edition. You can pick the newspaper up all over the UEL campus.

20FF Presents…

image (11)
Secondly, we’re honoured to joined forces with Picturehouse Stratford East and will be running a regular screening session, 20FOUR FRAMES presents… . The series will be a mix of well-known favourites, independent unsung heroes and everything in between. In October, we’ll be presenting The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. More details coming soon.

So, we’ve been quiet all summer, but things have been happening in the background. And now we’re back and trust us, this year is only gonna get bigger and better!


Want to be part of the coolest gang in town? Well, that isn’t our particular area of expertise. But if you’d like to receive a shiny newsletter from us every month or so, sign up here.

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