Film Fest Post: LGBT Presents…

As part of our Freshers’ Film Festival, we are working in conjunction with different societies to screen films close to their hearts. Tonight, come watch Beautiful Thing with the LGBT society. But first, read a little about them here.

UEL LGBT Society encompasses everything to do with sexuality and gender, whether you identify as LGBT+ or not, everyone is welcome along to any of our events. We hold workshops, film nights, nights out or so on, As long as you are open to new ideas, new ways of seeing the whole idea of gender. We are not always serious and there usually is an element of fun and enjoyment.

We do a lot of events with other London universities and with that do some events with NUS LGBT which includes the National Conference which is a great way to represent the university, give your opinions and ideas on relevant topics and meet LGBT students from up
and down the country.

As a society we meet for a general meeting at least once a month and hold events whenever we can and are open and welcome for society members to set some up through us.

Beautiful Thing is a must see LGBT Film set in South East London is one of the essential films that tackle lgbt issues in the past 20 years, released by Channel 4 films in 1996. It was a very risky film during the time which succeeded and paved the way for a whole host of LGBT programming and films being made by the channel which included Queer as Folk UK.

In the future we hope to host a wide range of LGBT and Queer cinema from films that are witty and funny like But I’m a Cheerleader (1999), films that are thought provoking and historical like Bent (1997) to fun but educational Fit (2010).

You can get hold of us through:
Facebook: UEL LGBT Society
Twitter: @lgbt_uel

We are currently looking for students to help run the society for the next year.

– Guest Contributor, Loren from LGBT Society


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