Student Showcase: Jachin McKoy

Student Showcase: We branch out a little beyond film this time to introduce advertiser Jachin Mckoy. We grab him as he finishes UEL and heads off to the real world.

Jachin Mckoy

Jachin is an Advertiser who works with clients in order to build strong attributes towards products and brands, which he believes is important in keeping businesses alive in the current market.

His latest project involved him creating a film/advert to raise brand awareness for the products, Orange String.

He describes it as “sitting closely to the genre of hybrid, creating a unique way of advertising that engages with the audience.”

Just finishing his degree this month, Jachin is looking to the near future and hopes to write scripts for action movies. He is currently working on a few projects, so watch the space.

Jachin McKoy

| Advertiser |


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