Review: 21 & Over

It starts off with naked bums and dignity-covering socks. Where can it go from there? The Hangover writer returns with more slightly older than teenage antics and slow motion vomit.

Not every comedy starts off with two naked guys walking through a college campus with sore, branded ass cheeks and the only item covering their dignity is a sock each.

21 & Over is written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore who also wrote the hilarious The Hangover (we should forget about Part II), so suddenly the opening makes sense.

The film is about two best friends, Miller and Casey, who go to visit their other best friend Jeff Chang to celebrate his 21st birthday, the night before his medical school interview. They peer pressure him into going out and from there on it’s a night full of chaos, drinking, a stampeding buffalo, more drinking, a teddy bear being glued to a penis, more drinking, and, well, you get the picture.

Whilst watching the movie it was clear to see that this could be a standard getting wasted teen film; the storyline was pretty basic and had all the coming-of-age morals we’ve seen many a time.

There is the standard boy falling for girl but not having the confidence to ask her out, friendships are tested and a main character has to choose between following his father’s wishes and being his own man.

Although, some of the situations they get in and what happens to them did make me laugh, the film is let down by a generic plot. It seems teen/drinking films are becoming more and more about outrageous and unbelievable events over a solid, original story structure.

This isn’t to say the film is bad and based just on the humour it is entertaining. It did show me something I don’t believe I have seen before, slow motion sickness whilst riding a rodeo machine. They make the most of it, filming from (if I’m counting right) five different angles.

Altogether, the film for me wasn’t a huge success but not an utter failure. The storyline and morals brought down what could have been a hilarious outing.

If I had to pick a best moment it would be either slow motion sick or a new drinking challenge called ‘The Tower of Power’, but sadly you need a 7-story building to play.

See this film for cheap laughs and as good pick-me-up if you’re a little down, however wait for this one to be released on DVD/Blu-ray.


Daniel Geeves

21 & Over is out on 3 May.

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One thought on “Review: 21 & Over

  1. The problem with this film was the casting of a poor mans Shia Labeouf as the wise cracking foul mouthed character. I tried so hard to like him but it was just not possible.

    Also why did they insist on constantly calling the “Jeff Chang” character by his full name? My Chang-o-meter was off the charts.

    I saw this film for free so shouldn’t really complain but I very much doubt I would watch it ever again.

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