Scene from The Croods

60 Second Review: The Croods

In a rush? We’re back with another quick dose of movie review goodness, in our ‘60 Second Review’ series. This week, find out what Ermir Shkalla thinks of The Croods.

The Croods features a family of cavemen that hide in their cave, with an overprotective dad (Grug) who stops his kids from going out into “the light” where danger lurks. It’s a typical family film about protective parents from director Kirk De Micco (Space Chimps) and Chris Sanders (Lilo and Stitch).

When Grug (Nicolas Cage) is your dad you know you have to listen to him. He is very overprotective of his family and always tells them to stay in the cave because he worries that ‘new’ and ‘curiosity’ are out to get them. Eep (Emma Stone) decides to follow the light, venturing into an unknown land. Here she meets Guy (Ryan Renolds) and his trusted pet sloth, Belt, who keeps Guy’s trousers up. Really.

Story-wise, it has the same clichés as other similar family films (think Ice Age): a very basic storyline involving running round the world, finding new people, becoming friends and somehow surviving the ending of the world. Entertaining children whilst still trying to teach them something.

Honestly, there was only one thing funny about this film: Belt. I don’t think the film deserves any stars at all but I’ll give it one just for him.


Ermir Shkalla

The Croods is out now.

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