Student Showcase: Michael Afrifa

Student Showcase: Exhibiting the work of current and former UEL students. We look at the great work of our upcoming superstar students today and the amazing achievements of students past.

Today we bring you Michael Afrifa and his short film Obsession. In a quick chat with 20FF, Michael stated that the film is “inspired by the Greek mythology King Midas & The Golden Touch. A story about ones greed, and urges of bodily & materalistic satisfaction which blinds him into doing the unpredictable.” Enjoy!

Michael Afrifa is a University student/Independent filmmaker studying Moving Image & Photography at UEL, best known for his collaborative work with UK artists Rascals. Over the past two years working consistently with dozens of other artists and documentaries enabled broad exposure for Michael giving him the foundation to work with clients such as Patek Phillipe, AAK, and Timberland through Legeas Deleany. Having already completed one shortfilm, Michael has several new film projects currently in development with DMG.

Michael Afrifa

independent filmmaker.
producer | director | editor | colourist
T: @michaelafrifa


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