Black and white photo of UEL by Torcello Trio

Welcome to 20FOUR FRAMES

Welcome to 20FOUR FRAMES, a website and magazine created by UEL students. You can read our editor Caitlin Lupton’s introduction to who we are and what we do right here.

Hello there!

So exciting to have you here!

20FF is a new magazine and website for all of you out there that have a passion for film. Whether it be for watching it or making it, we have tried to create a magazine for students, budding film makers and film lovers; full of everything from reviews of mainstream blockbusters to lists of unmissable local film festivals and events.

With DIY film videos and interviews with successful industry personalities, we hope to indulge your love for film but also give you advice to gain the extra skills and experience it takes to get noticed in such a competitive industry, right from people who are battling to do the same.

We are a group of students from the University of East London, and we all have different ambitions; to be directors, screenwriters, producers and distributors and many more things, but we are all watching, making and talking about films all the time and we decided to give ourselves our own experience and set up this magazine.

Why not check out our reviews, interviews and Student Showcase? We also highlight exciting festivals and competitions and share UEL film news for our fellow students.

So please, dive in, enjoy and get involved!

Caitlin Lupton

Wanna keep in touch?

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Thanks to Torcello Trio for the photo.


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